The Insta-Worthy Bio & Business Card Toolkit

Are you ready to "set it and forget it" with Instagram?

Whether you are taking an extended IG break, changing handles, have a business, a podcast, a second account, and or are leaving social media all together this is your solution (and deep sigh of relief)!

Maybe your to do list looks like this: 

  • Figure out what to post on Instagram today. Or maybe you haven't posted in weeks or months. 
  • It's already 3:00 pm and you aren't sure if you need to edit that photo or put a trending audio in your reels. 
  • You might want to look at your bio and highlights again before you share...

You have to essentially become a team of humans in one: a copywriter, a photographer, videographer, marketing strategist... And most of all, a content creator and it's EXHAUSTING!

While you’re pretty good at juggling all of the above, and pride yourself on figuring out and staying on top of EVERYTHING, you literally cannot handle another “to do” on your list. 

But what if you…

  • Had a way to "leave your business card" on Instagram. And build a sales page in just six squares so people know how to work with you. 
  • Knew how to leverage your "business card" so that people continue to find you and your work. 
  • Had support + the guidance you need: Leave your questions below the videos inside the course.
  • Need more help? Have the opportunity to work with Carla Contreras on your business & content creation strategy and Sheila Streetman on your custom design. Links to work with them are inside the course. You are never alone! 

All of the above is possible for you inside The Instagram Business Card Toolkit 

What's Included: 

  • Lifetime Access to the Instagram Business Card Toolkit: Seven Lesson Course to create your "set it and forget it," strategy for social media. 
  • The Instagram Business Card Toolkit Workbook & Journal: Your guide to writing your bio, copy, and also cleaning up your energy around Instagram (this takes a huge toll on us). Bonus: If you need more help Carla has a one hour session to support you!
  • Four Templates for You to Edit & Make Your Own: Designed by Sheila Streetman for you to play with and style to match your brand (and if you need more help Sheila created a special 1 hour session just for you inside the course). 


  • The Poppy Community FB Group: A collective of entrepreneurs that are working on the same things as you. Our community is so supportive!
  • The Social Media Meditation & Affirmation Toolkit: Social media takes a massive toll on your energy, this toolkit is the antidote. 

Meet Your Teachers: 

Carla Contreras is a trained chef, food stylist and business and content creation coach. She loves working 1:1 with entrepreneurs to create magic + build their businesses on and offline. When she is not working, you can catch her: Going to the farmer’s market with her family, recording a podcast, or doing Pilates. Learn more about her here

Sheila Streetman is a Taco-loving, board-game-playing, brand designer for the bold & the brave. Let’s work together to create a brand that reflects your values, showcases your personality, and draws in your perfect-fit clients–all so you can confidently embrace your expertise. I can’t wait to meet you! Learn more about her here


  • Carla, this feels like a lot for me! Question: What's the cost of showing up in your business the way you are right now, at this moment? How much longer will you continue on that journey?   
  • When does this start? Once you purchase you will be sent an email to  you with you login info. 
  • Do I get access to your support? No, this is a DIY course. If you want 1:1 support around your specific goals, desires, and dreams around your business and content creation book here 

What People Are Saying about Carla & Sheila:  

"Investing in your business is an investment in yourself. If you believe in your work and your mission and need to get un-stuck or explore new options, I highly recommend working with Carla." — Layla Khoury-Hanold

"If there is anyone in need of direction, motivation, and grounded support. Carla's professionalism, authenticity, and passion for helping her clients succeed shows and it is greatly appreciated."— Adrianna Naomi

"Poppy feels so good! Not only the coworking part, but I love the wellness component. I’ve been very attuned to getting my health aligned with my mission and I am so here for this!" — Tiffany Carter

"All the efficiency and quick tricks are so helpful to me. Carla made everything so bite size but super effective. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help understanding IG and how to utilize it for serious biz growth!" — Melissa Hoffman

"Sheila is very easy to work with and values your time. She is very knowledgeable in areas of technology as well as the creative process. The results are definitely worth the investment. She helps her clients think through the branding process and truly wants the resulting brand to be the very best for her client."— Becky Ellis 

"Sheila made an intimidating process easy and broke down the steps to get there. I really enjoyed the creative process and the time she took to understand me. It was really fun seeing the ideas emerge and evolve to a final product I absolutely love."— Ms. Morristown 

$55.00 USD

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Disclaimer: The information contained on this program is my opinion based on research and personal experience unless otherwise stated and should not be substituted for qualified medical advice.

Health-related information is in no way intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any medical or other condition. Always seek the counsel of a qualified medical practitioner or other healthcare provider for an individual consultation before making any significant changes to your diet and lifestyle or to answer questions about specific medical conditions.

Carla Contreras and Sheila Streetman make no guarantee of results using the Instagram Business Card Toolkit. Please use at your own risk. 

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NOTE: The Instagram Business Card Toolkit is included in the Poppy Bundle. 

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